About Us

We are a team of non-practising lawyers with diverse skills and experiences. We collaborate with creators, doers and thinkers to formulate tailored (sometimes unconventional) strategies for law firms to help them showcase their differentiators and gain a competitive advantage. Our strategies are not based on the initiatives of your peer firms and bring an outsider’s perspective into the decision-making process.

Our services provide law firms:
➕ better visibility in their target market
➕ building and maintaining effective business relationships with their clients and strategic partners
➕ establishing the firm and its professionals as thought-leaders in their practice areas

Some of the key members of our team include:

Vassu Arora

Principal Consultant

Hello! I am Vassu, a non-practising lawyer based in India. I help law firms to amplify their business development and marketing initiatives through tailored solutions. I have worked with legal edtech and legal publishing companies in editorial and product management roles.

Siddharth Parashar


Hello! I am Siddharth, a non-practising lawyer working at the intersection of corporate strategy, human resource management and law. I have helped Deloitte USI Consulting in managing employee relations, preparing policies and talent acquisition.

Sampada Ghate


Hello! I am Sampada, a non-practising lawyer working in corporate and commercial laws. I have helped Franklin Templeton Investments in drafting and negotiating Over-The-Counter (OTC) Derivatives Agreements.