3rd Global Summit on Data Protection, Privacy & Security in the world of Digital Economy: Reforms, Challenges & Opportunities

The European Union (EU) has mandated the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to reinforce data protection rights of individuals by replacing General Data Protection Directives, 1995 w.e.f 25 May 2018 in the each of 28 EU member states. The Government of India had constituted a Committee of Experts to study the various issues relating to data protection in India and make specific suggestions on principles to be considered for data protection in India and suggest a draft Data Protection Bill.

The objective of ongoing researches, drafts, white papers and workings of IT and legal experts in the government as well as private sector stakeholders is to ensure the growth of the digital economy while keeping personal data of citizens secure and protected. In this backdrop, the draft regulatory mechanism and legal framework for data protection in India are yet to be set forth for majority consensus and constitutionalisation.

Considering various significant aspects of GDPR towards aligning the requirements of India’s data protection and privacy laws as well as equipping the stakeholders on appropriate technical and organizational measures, and compiling their comprehensive views, the ASSOCHAM has very successfully organized the first summit at New Delhi on 11th May 2018 and the second summit at Bangalore on 27th July 2018. These summits were graced by several eminent speakers and participants from India and abroad.

The views and experiences from the financial capital of the country would be a milestone for India’s data protection and privacy laws, therefore, to discuss and deliberate upon the various issues and accordingly level-up the advancement for detailed suggestions and responses to the government on this highly significant subject, the ASSOCHAM is organizing the 3rd Global Summit on “Data Protection, Privacy & Security – Reforms, Challenges & Opportunities-” on Friday, 24th August 2018 in Hotel Four Seasons, Mumbai, India.

The summit aims at inviting views and suggestions from a multi-stakeholder community on the regulatory and judicial processes, and submit the same for consideration by the government in building an Indian data protection law and process of reforms in the interest of development of a strong and contextually relevant data protection framework.
Click here to visit the summit website.

For more information about the summit, please contact:

Mr Abhishek Saxena
T: +91-9971975142
E: abhishek.saxena@assocham.com

Mr Jatin Kochar
T: +91-9711904890
E: jatin.kochar@assocham.com

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