LinkedIn tips for lawyers

LinkedIn is undoubtedly a powerful tool for lawyers to make new connections, generate new business leads, and establish their professional brand.

Here are a few tips to utilise LinkedIn effectively:


  • Complete your profile sections as much as possible- aim for the All-Star Profile Strength.
  • Most people remember photos more than they remember names. It is of utmost importance to upload a profile photo on LinkedIn for purposes of recognition and adding credibility to your profile. Do not upload selfies or pictures with friends, family or pets. LinkedIn uses different sized thumbnail photos for different interactions, henceforth, it is important to adjust and crop the photo correctly.
  • Professional Headline should be descriptive instead of just your title and company name. You can include core practice areas and services as well. It should be structured to help you to stand out in the search results.
  • Do not skip the Summary. Utilize this space to highlight your experience, interests and long-term goals. Consider this space as a chance to a persuasive sales pitch. Remember to proofread; errors are inexcusable on LinkedIn.
  • Make use of Publications and Skills to demonstrate your expertise and highlight specific skills.
  • Create a custom URL for your LinkedIn public profile. For example: is the custom URL for my LinkedIn profile. A customized URL increases chances of appearing in search results and makes it easier for people to find you.To customize your public profile’s URL, click on Profile tab on the homepage and then select Edit Profile option. You will notice a URL under your profile photo, move the cursor over the link and then click the Settings icon next to it, on the right, click the Edit icon next to your URL.


Connections are the core of LinkedIn. Here are a few methods to build your connections using built-in tools:

  • Import e-mail address book

You can import contacts from your e-mail service provider to LinkedIn.To import your address book, click on My Network tab on the homepage and then select Add Contacts option.

  • Import mobile address book

You can import contacts from your mobile phone book to LinkedIn. This allows you to find connections that are not in your e-mail address book, but in your mobile phone book. To import your mobile phone book, tap on My Network tab in the navigation bar, then tap on Add Connections icon in the top right and then select Build Your Network. You can also choose to sync your mobile phone book with LinkedIn to find new connections through Settings icon.

  • People You May Know

You can add connections through People You May Know section on the homepage.Simply, click on Connect under a person’s name to send an invitation, or click on Skip to see the other recommendations. The recommendations are based upon the commonalities and the contacts you have imported from your e-mail service provider or mobile address book.

  • Find Alumni

Find Alumni option located under the My Network tab provides an option to find and add alumni of your school. Moreover, it provides in-depth insights about the location, organization and the domain areas of your alumni.

You should build connections keeping in mind the quality rather than quantity. Moreover, when sending an invite, make an effort to personalize the invitation rather than using the standard template.

Updates and Posts

  • Post links to articles, blog posts and publications as Updates. You can also post about the latest happenings in your firm such as on receiving a prestigious award or induction of a new team member. Remember to interact with your Connections through Comments, Likes and Shares.
  • Use Posts to strengthen your professional brand and establish yourself as a thought leader. Discuss about the latest developments in your core practices areas, share about your failures and successes and how you have learned from them. Posts can help you build Followers outside your Network.


  • Join Groups relevant to your practice areas and professional interests. Groups provide an excellent platform to discuss and share ideas, share helpful tips and even referrals. Get actively involved in the discussions, answer queries and add value to the network. Post about upcoming events and webinars which your firm might be organizing. However, Groups are not a direct marketing platform; do not post promotional material.

 “Active participation on LinkedIn is the best way to say, ‘Look at me!’ without saying ‘Look at me!” -Bobby Darnell

Recommendations and Endorsements

  • Do not hesitate to send recommendation requests to employers, colleagues and even clients. A recommendation which has been written by a person considered an authority in your practice area can enhance your profile manifolds. Recommendations usually work on a reciprocity basis. If you will recommend someone, they will often provide a recommendation back. However, do not request random people on LinkedIn for recommendations.
  • Endorsements are a quick method to recommend a connection’s expertise or skill, which also works on reciprocity basis. Never endorse random people on LinkedIn.

 Did you find some helpful tips in this post?

Let me know in the comments.


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