Tips for your law firm’s Facebook Page

Many lawyers are not very optimistic about the importance of social media channels in their law practice. However, social media channels such as Facebook can be a great tool to market your law practice and reach out to new clients.

According to the American Bar Association:

“Used carefully, social media can give your firm a voice, amplify your professional reputation, and help drive new business.”

Take a look at these tips for an engaging presence on Facebook:

Set a custom Page username. For example: is the custom Facebook Page username for this website. Remember, you can only change the username once.
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Profile picture
The dimension of the profile picture of Pages must be at least 180×180 pixels as necessitated by Facebook. Set your firm’s logo or the picture of your firm’s nameplate as the profile picture.

Cover photo
The dimension of the cover photo of Pages must be at least 399 pixels wide and 150 pixels tall as necessitated by Facebook. Set the entire team’s picture or an image mentioning the contact details or core practice areas as the cover photo.

Call-to-Action button
A Call-to-Action button can be utilised to direct the queries for appointments to your website. After you have setup the button, you can also track the number of people who have clicked that button along with other details by navigating to the Insights tab and then selecting Actions on Page.
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Page Roles
Do not shoulder the responsibility of one person for managing the Page; Facebook allows for multiple Page roles. You can add multiple Editors who can create, edit and delete the posts. Editors can also comment and send messages as the Page. This will ensure that the Page is not left inactive in case a member is occupied with other work.
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Share informative and interesting posts about the latest developments in your core practice areas. Articles, blog posts, news stories, polls etc. can be posted.  You can also post updates about the latest happenings in your firm such as receiving a prestigious award or induction of a new team member. Posts with hashtags will reach people beyond who have liked your Page. However, use a maximum of two hashtags per post. Whenever possible, share images to increase engagement on your Page. Share content and post updates frequently in order to keep up the engagement on your Page. We recommend a post frequency of two times per day. You can also schedule Facebook posts in advance to save time.
Remember to interact with people who have liked your Page through Comments, Likes and Shares.

Utilise the data provided by the Insights tab in the following manner:

  • To understand the audience
  • To understand the engagement
  • To develop your Facebook strategy
  • To improvise your Facebook strategy

Boost Post
Boost Post can significantly increase engagement on your Page. Facebook provides an option to choose your audience and budget based upon the number of people you want to reach and the time period of the Boost. Posts which are boosted appear higher in the News Feed of Facebook users and thus, it increases the likelihood that your targeted audience will see your posts.
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Promote Your Page
Promote Your Page to get more Likes and build an audience. The ads will appear in the News Feed and on the right-hand side of Facebook.
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Remember, marketing your law practice through Facebook is a long-term activity which requires commitment and consistent efforts; do not expect overnight results.

Did you find some helpful tips in this post?

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